Contingency Fees Representation

What Is a Contingency Fee?

Different attorneys charge their clients in various manners for the legal services that they provide. These payment methods may include an hourly rate, a flat rate fee, or a contingency fee. At Fischer & Associates, LLC we find that the most effective method for personal injury claims is through a contingency fee. Simply put, a contingency fee is an agreement stating that we will not collect any payment unless we win your case.

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How Do Contingency Fees Benefit Me?

Contingency fees have numerous advantages for those seeking compensation for personal injury claims. With the contingency fee model, our goal as a team is to keep expenses to a minimum, resolve the case in an efficient and expedited manner, and achieve maximum compensation.

Some other benefits of contingency fees include:

  • No upfront or out-of-pocket legal payments
  • Being able to negotiate the details of the fee
  • Your lawyer not collecting payment unless the case is won
  • Your lawyer is motivated to win big

Contingency fees are a way of showing that our team is fully invested in the case. Without a solid belief that your claim is worth pursuing, there is no reason to put in time, effort, and money for the client. In addition, if we don’t win your case, then we will not get paid. This arrangement helps to ensure that we work hard to not only win, but to win big. When our Alabama personal injury lawyers agree to represent you, rest assured that we are dedicated to helping you achieve the highest compensation you are entitled to under the law.

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