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Tips to Protect Yourself After a Car Accident

The one mistake people make immediately following a car accident is to protect themselves from liability. Most of us do things in the car that break the law or are considered unsafe. Sometimes, even the most innocuous of actions, such as eating and drinking, or putting on makeup in the car, distract us and take […]

Accidental Drownings, Swimming Pools, & The Law

Premises liability dictates the legal responsibility for property owners and accidents that take place on their land. Alabama law stipulates property owners must keep their property reasonably safe and free of hazards for visitors. Swimming pools are always a potential danger, especially to young children. According to statistics compiled by the Alabama Department of Public […]

Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) Cases

For those who are injured on federal property, the Federal Tort Claims Act or FTCA provides a means of proceeding with a lawsuit against the government. In general, the federal government is protected or immune from being sued. However, the FTCA was enacted to provide individuals a method for obtaining compensation when the individual suffers […]

Hurt in a Boating Accident?

Get a Tenacious Birmingham Personal Injury Lawyer on Your Side A boating or Jet Ski accident can take place any time you take to the water, resulting in serious injuries and sometimes fatalities. No matter how or why you were injured while boating, you need to seek medical attention and speak with a Birmingham personal […]

Alabama Guest Statute: Driver Responsibility to Passengers

In Alabama, the driver or owner of a vehicle is not responsible for death or injuries sustained to another person riding in the vehicle simply by virtue of ownership or the fact that he or she is operating the vehicle.  The legislature enacted a law referred to as the “Alabama Guest Statute” that articulates this […]

Hysterectomy & Fibroid Removal Device Pulled from Market

  POWER MORCELLATION INJURY CASES Recently, the FDA issued a news release discouraging the use of laparoscopic power morcellation surgical devices for the removal of the uterus (hysterectomy) or uterine fibroids (myomectomy).  Current analysis suggests use of the device for these procedures poses a risk of spreading unsuspected cancerous tissue beyond the uterus, significantly worsening […]