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NHTSA Requests Stronger Truck Rear-Impact Guards

Last month, the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) proposed that trucking companies should be required to install stronger guards on their trailers in order to reduce fatalities derived from rear-end truck collisions with cars. The current regulation underride guards hang down from the back ends of box trailers, protecting passengers in crashes of […]

When the Trucking Company Is Liable for an Accident

Clients who have been injured in truck accidents rely on us to thoroughly investigate their cases. What we have discovered is that many times, truck driver’s employer can be the one at-fault for causing the accident. How is that possible, since they were not even present at the scene? It all comes down to the […]

Liability in a Truck Accident

Hurt in a Truck Accident? We Can Help! Truck accidents can devastate lives and even be the cause of a wrongful death. Those injured could be left with mounting medical bills while unable to work from their injuries. You may have recourse to a personal injury suit, however, where our Birmingham truck accident lawyers can […]

Alabama Guest Statute: Driver Responsibility to Passengers

In Alabama, the driver or owner of a vehicle is not responsible for death or injuries sustained to another person riding in the vehicle simply by virtue of ownership or the fact that he or she is operating the vehicle.  The legislature enacted a law referred to as the “Alabama Guest Statute” that articulates this […]