Head On Collisions

Of all the types of auto accidents that occur, head-on collisions are the one of the leading causes of passenger or driver deaths. Fischer & Associates, LLC Attorneys At Law knows that your life can change in an instant after a car accident. That is why we are here to help. We have recovered more than $170 million in compensation for our clients and offer world-class, top-notch legal services.

If you have been in a car accident, whether it is a head-on collision or otherwise, you deserve to know your legal rights. Contact us today for a risk-free consultation.

Causes of Head-On Crashes

While every car accident case differs from the next and there are many elements that can contribute overall to the incident, such as distracted or negligent drivers, to defective brakes or obstacles on the road. Despite the many different circumstances, a seasoned Birmingham car accident attorney knows how to investigate accident cases and locate the cause of the crash.

Head-on collisions may be caused by any of the following elements:

  • Aggressive driving or “road rage”
  • Distracted driving
  • Changing lanes or cutting off another driver
  • Road construction
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Failing to follow the rules of the road
  • Making too wide of a turn
  • Poor visibility due to weather conditions
  • Tire blowouts or other auto product defects

While there are many other causes that lead to head-on collisions, it is always good to know what often leads to these accidents. It is our hope that this knowledge can help prevent any future accidents from happening. If you have been struck in a head-on collision and need legal representation, do not wait! Fischer & Associates, LLC Attorneys At Law can assist you with the claims process.

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