Single-Vehicle Accidents

Most of us think of car accidents as involving one car crashing into another one. At Fischer & Associates, LLC Attorneys At Law, we have had clients come to us for legal support and representation and explain that their case only involves one vehicle.

Insurance companies are reluctant to pay out in these types of cases because they immediately want to place blame on you, as the sole driver. Having an attorney who also knows how to play hardball is essential to obtaining rightful compensation. Even if you were the only vehicle involved in an accident, you still deserve to have your voice heard.

The Role of Negligence in Single-Vehicle Accidents

How does another person’s negligence can still play a factor in causing your car crash? Sometimes roadway defects cause drivers to lose control, skid and collide with a nearby post, tree, or even a building. In Alabama, many single-vehicle accidents occur on rural roadways, with a markedly high percentage resulting in fatalities. Another example would be if your brakes or tires were defective and failed to prevent your accident from happening. You have the right to file a compensation claim.

Depending on the type of insurance your plan covers, you might be carrying:

  • Liability insurance
  • Collision insurance
  • No-fault insurances
  • Comprehensive insurance

As seasoned Birmingham car accident lawyers, we can break down some of the legal jargon, with regards to insurance policies and the state laws concerning personal injury law. We use all of the resources available in your case to determine the extent of the damages and discover where there are valid sources to make your claim.

Fischer & Associates, LLC Attorneys At Law has recovered over $170 million in compensation. We are prepared to help you in every way to ensure your claims do not go unnoticed.

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