The result of an accident can have a substantial impact on a person’s life, especially if the injuries were life-changing. Paralysis is a catastrophic injury that significantly affects the life of the individual and their loved ones, who must sacrifice themselves to offer constant, necessary support.

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Common Causes of Paralysis

Paralysis typically occurs when blunt force trauma occurs to the vertebrae of the spine, causing a dislocation or fracture, which injures or tears the nerve tissue in the spinal cord. The nerve tissue is responsible for the control of movement in your body. Paralysis can also happen when an individual suffers a traumatic brain injury.

Common causes of paralysis include the following:

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An injury resulting in paralysis is no only emotionally devastating, but also financially. If you are the financial anchor for your family, your condition may not allow you to return to your previous career or place of employment, depraving your family of the income necessary to sustain their normal lifestyle. While immediate medical treatment is needed to help the victim recover from the accident, continuing medical care will be required through the victim’s life in order to fulfill daily needs, perform routine tasks, and prevent complications from occurring.

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