Severe Disfigurement

Severe disfigurement and scarring are catastrophic injuries that can arise from serious accidents, such as car collisions, slip and fall, medical malpractice, animal attacks, and other types of accidents.

The law provides anyone who is a victim of injury the right to take legal action and file a claim for compensation. Fischer & Associates, LLC Attorneys At Law has been able to recover more than $170 million in compensation for those who have been sustained severe injuries, including scarring and disfigurement from an accident.

Types of Scarring and Disfigurement

A car accident that erupts. A defective product causes an explosion in your home. An on-the-job accident due to hazardous chemicals or materials. These are only some examples of the accidents that have led to severe disfigurement. Not only can these accidents be life-altering, but it can also severely detract from your quality of life as well.

We have helped clients who have sustained disfigurement injuries such as:

  • Stretch marks: Occurs while the wounds heal.
    Keloid scarring: An overgrowth of scar tissue.
    Atrophic scars: Loss of skin, muscle, and fat, as well as the underlying support structure.
    Hypertrophic scarring: An overproduction of collagen causes a raised scar.
    Contracture scars: as the wound heals and scars the skin contracts and affects movements. This type of scarring may affect the nerves or muscles.

If you have suffered from scarring and severe disfigurement, our Birmingham personal injury attorneys can help you recover the costs incurred from treatment. The costs, which may include surgical revision, skin grafts, and even plastic surgery treatments can cost many thousands of dollars. That is why it is imperative that you contact a member of our legal team as soon as possible.

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Our job as Birmingham personal injury lawyers is to help our clients become whole again. We want to make the process as easy for you as possible because we want you to focus on your health and recovery. That is why we do not charge any fees upfront—not unless we can obtain a fair settlement or win for you. WE are confident in our skills and have proven ourselves time and time again with our many successes.

You deserve to receive compensation if another caused your injuries. Contact us today and request your free case consultation!

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