Explosion & Fire Accidents

Explosions and fires are the results of major accidents and in turn, can lead to devastating injuries, property damage, and in some cases, the untimely death of another. These events can have a profound impact on one’s family, requiring long-term care and a whole host of other unexpected expenses.

Explosion accidents at an industrial plant or on the job can entail many different types of legal complications, requiring intense scrutiny from both state and federal regulators on the industry. If you or a loved one has suffered in this type of accident, you must contact Fischer & Associates, LLC Attorneys At Law as soon as possible. Our experienced legal team can help you find the means to move forward.

Taking a Stand for Our Clients

The facts behind causing an explosion accident can often be obscured by differing accounts. Your case may need testimony from impartial and expert witnesses, who are knowledgeable not only in the laws but can trace the source of the accident scientifically.

Our job as Birmingham injury attorneys is to represent you in the following ways:

  • Provide you with the answers and help you with the next steps moving forward
  • We handle all legal matters, allowing you to focus on your health
  • We work to pursue the maximum possible recovery in your case
  • We come up with creative and strategic solutions, working outside of the box

No matter how complex your case may be, we are ready to take on the challenge of preparing your case and bringing it to court if necessary. Every person deserves justice and has the right to have a thorough investigation of the cause of the explosion or fire accident.

We Are Your Top Choice

As proven, successful Birmingham attorneys in the field of personal injury, we have garnered numerous wins and favorable case outcomes for our clients. Our tailor-made, personalized strategies have helped us achieve over $170 million in compensation, and we also have extensive experience in the courtroom and injury trials. You never have to worry when you have us on your team.

Contact Fischer & Associates, LLC Attorneys At Law today and request your free case evaluation.

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