Bicycle Accidents

There are two basic areas of litigation involving injuries sustained from bicycle accidents. The first generally involves injuries sustained from bicycle crashes due to the negligence of a driver of a motor vehicle. The second involves injuries sustained to a cyclist due to a defective bicycle design or part.

Bicycle Accidents Involving Motor Vehicles

Cycling is a great form of exercise and has become a very popular outdoor recreational activity. For those of you who reside in the Birmingham Metropolitan area, our guess is that you have seen a major increase in the number of cyclists on the road. Cyclists and operators of motor vehicles are required to adhere to laws governing the standards of the road. Unfortunately, however, there are times when a driver of a vehicle is not paying attention, speeding, or failing to keep a proper look out. Because cyclists are not physically protected aside from the use of a helmet, accidents can easily result in serious bodily injury and even death. Although many of the same principles of automotive litigation apply when bicyclists are injured, it is not exactly the same and therefore, it is important to quickly consult with an attorney regarding such a case. Unfortunately, the insurance company of the negligent driver may attempt to pressure a cyclist into a settlement based upon inaccurate information. The cyclist may be accused of “contributory negligence” and the insurance company may refuse to pay any sort of settlement. If you or a loved one has been injured in a bicycle accident, please call us today.

Defective Bicycle Design or Parts

Bicycle accidents may also occur due to a defective bicycle design or part. In this situation, the manufacturer of the bicycle or part may be liable for injury sustained due to an accident caused by the defect. It is important to consult with an attorney experienced in products liability law to assess your potential claim. Additionally, it is very important to preserve the bicycle or defective part – it will be evidence in any potential case against a manufacturer.

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