Claims against Governmental Entities

City, County & State

In Alabama, injured plaintiffs may be able to bring a claim against a municipality, county or governmental entity arising from an employee’s negligent, careless or unskilled actions carried out in the line and scope of governmental duties. However, unlike private defendants, municipalities, counties, and state governmental agencies and employees can be afforded immunity from civil suits. The State of Alabama itself is generally immune from civil liability. This is often referred to in the legal community as “sovereign immunity.” Whether or not immunity applies depends upon the particular circumstances of the case. Victims injured by the negligent, careless or unskilled actions of governmental employees should seek the advice of an attorney as soon as possible regarding a claim. Statute of limitations and notice of suit requirements can be different when a claim is brought against a governmental entity and thus, it is very important to take quick action to preserve one’s rights.

FTCA (Federal Actions)

If a person is harmed by the negligence or carelessness of a federal governmental employee an action may be brought against a federal entity under the Federal Tort Claims Act. Again, issues of immunity can arise and certain statute, notice and procedural requirements may be different. For instance, a claim of injuries resulting medical malpractice from services provided at a Veteran’s Hospital would be governed by the FTCA.

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