Recreational Accidents / Injuries

Many of us enjoy the use of recreational vehicles and engage in activities such as swimming, boating, and skiing. These daily activities are generally safe and most injuries, if incurred, are minor at worst. However, there are the accidents every year that result in catastrophic injury or death and sometimes it is due to the negligence or recklessness of a driver, homeowner, or a manufacturer of a vehicle or equipment.

Four-Wheeler, ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) Accidents

All terrain vehicles have become somewhat safer over the years due, in large part, to litigation against major manufacturers. However, serious accidents still can and do occur. Serious injury can result including spinal cord injury, paralysis and traumatic brain injury. These vehicles are often marketed as recreational toys, resulting in a false sense of safety. These vehicles are still prone to roll over and inexperienced users and young children are often the drivers or passengers that are harmed. Because these vehicles are designed without the outside protection of an automobile – a rollover event can be catastrophic. Often times, warnings of proper usage on the vehicle are insufficient or missing all together.

Boating and Jet-Ski Accidents

Accidents while boating can produce serious injury and even death. Most boat accidents or crashes are due to negligent boat drivers that are not paying attention, going too fast, or that are operating a water-craft while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Accidental drowning in open-water, lakes and rivers are usually the result of the failure to wear a life jacket. Boat owners are required to equip boats with life jackets and children are required to wear life jackets while on a boat or while engaging in other boating activities such as tubing and water-skiing.

Swimming Pool Injuries – Accidental Drowning

Swimming pools are great fun and most homeowners enjoy the use of pools without incident. However, accidental injuries (slip and falls, head injuries) and drowning deaths can and do occur. Many times, accidents can be prevented by diligent supervision of a child or any individual that cannot swim. Precautions such as fencing, gates and handrails are advised to keep unsupervised persons from entering the pool area. Life jackets should be utilized for children and adults unable to swim.

Golf Cart Accidents

Golf Carts are not just seen on the course anymore. Many neighborhoods and subdivisions allow the use of golf carts within the community. As a result, there has been an unfortunate rise in injury and even death occurring due to golf cart related accidents. The vast majority of injuries happen to minors. Liability may result if a parent negligently allows a minor (without a driver’s license) to operate a vehicle and another rider is injured. Additionally there may be a product defect or design depending on the particular specifications of the golf cart at issue.

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