Workplace Injury


Generally speaking, employees are usually compensated for injuries sustained while on the job through workers compensation policies and are governed under the legislative statutes pertaining to worker’s compensation. Our firm represents individuals who sustain damages not covered under the Alabama Worker’s Compensation statute, usually involving issues of faulty machinery, improperly maintained equipment, etc.

Wrongful Termination

Alabama has adopted an “at-will” legal standard with regard to employment. Basically, this means that an employer can terminate an employee for whatever reason they choose. However, there are circumstances under both contract and tort law in which an employee may have a claim for damages for a wrongful termination. Some of these circumstances include the applicability of a contract that sets out terms for employment and termination; retaliatory discharge “solely” for filing a worker’s compensation claim for benefits; retaliatory discharge for reporting safety violations; or termination against public policy (age, race discrimination).

Sexual Harassment Claims

Our firm represents employees who have endured serious sexual harassment by employers. In these situations there can be a personal injury claim for bodily injury and/or mental distress in addition to any monetary damages if an employee is terminated for reporting an inappropriate incident that is deemed sexual harassment.

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