Fischer & Associates handles a significant amount of cases referred by other attorneys and law firms across the State of Alabama. We welcome the opportunity to evaluate potential cases and work with other attorneys. The extent to which referring attorneys participate in these cases varies widely and we are open to many kinds of arrangements. Our goal is to fit the specific needs of our referring attorneys.

Building Long-Term Relationships

It is important to our firm to build relationships and trust with referring attorneys. Therefore, we approach every new case with the same vigor and dedication. We accept a variety of cases but are known for handling complex litigation and catastrophic injuries and our experience and expertise in these areas are a valuable resource. We work with each referring attorney or law firm in the manner that is best suited to them. We strive to keep our referring attorneys well-informed and as involved as they desire in the strategies we develop and implement in each case.


We thoroughly vet new cases that meet a base level of criteria and give our referring attorneys a detailed evaluation to provide to their client. We strive to do this as quickly as possible, as we understand the position a referring attorney is in to keep their clients informed of progress.

Taking Your Death or Injury Case to the Next Level

We utilize a unique team discipline at Fischer & Associates, LLC. Instead of assigning cases to individual lawyers, the firm works as a unit to utilize particular strengths in an effort to maximize the value of each case. Your case will not get “lost” in a sea of volume business. We carefully evaluate and pursue cases that require significant legal work to maximize value. Often these cases involve auto or trucking accidents where the injury is complex and catastrophic. Key testimony may be required for maximizing evidence and value in the case. Other injury cases involve products liability or medical malpractice wherein a substantial amount of financial, technological, and field knowledge is required to evaluate, litigate, and be prepared for trial.

Transforming Ideas into Business & Commercial Litigation

Attorney Erby Fischer has achieved significant success in the area of business and commercial litigation. As a result, the firm has developed a particular skill set in transforming referring attorneys ideas into commercial, consumer and class litigation.

Results Foster Confidence

Because of our results, attorneys routinely associate Fischer & Associates to litigate cases throughout Alabama. The firm has a long and successful history of achieving both settlements and jury verdicts, providing the foundation of confidence required for building successful relationships with referring firms and attorneys.

If you would like to discuss a potential referral case, please contact our law firm at (205) 423-8504.