Starling Family Statement


AUGUST 21, 2019

Our daughter, sister, and granddaughter, Kelsey Starling is missing and presumed dead since July 4, 2019, following a boating incident on Smith Lake. We appreciate the tireless efforts of law enforcement and search personnel to locate Kelsey. We also very much appreciate the love and support we have received from so many individuals at Smith Lake and throughout our state. We have been especially touched by the blue Kelsey ribbons that have seemingly appeared everywhere in Alabama and states beyond. This has provided our family significant comfort.

We understand that an indictment has now been issued in connection with Kelsey’s death; we will not comment on the indictment at this time. We look forward to receiving information yielded from the investigation that resulted in this indictment. The family will have no further comment on this issue at this time, as our efforts remain focused on the recovery of Kelsey’s remains.

Please direct any further questions or requests to our attorneys:

Erby Fischer
Victoria Dye
2201 Providence Park, Suite 200
Birmingham, Alabama 35242
T: (205) 423-8504

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