Voice-Activated Commands & Distracted Driving

One of the most recent topics of discussion concerning texting and driving asks whether or not using your cell phone while you are stopped at a red light is considered distracted driving. With thousands of people getting involved in accidents each year, it soon become apparent that it was necessary to implement laws to deter driver distraction.

Using Voice-Activated Commands

Is there any harm if you are at a red light or another stop on the road? According to a study that was sponsored by AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, the studies show that the brain can still continue being distracted for 27 seconds after texting, changing the song on the radio dial, or making a phone call using voice commands.

Distracted driving has been known to affect our ability to drive in the following ways:

  • Takes our eyes off the road
  • Reduced reaction time
  • Attention divided among other elements
  • Forces drivers to take hands away from the vehicle

Smartphones bring cutting-edge, sophisticated technology at our fingertips. It is only growing more and more powerful. While this can make our lives more convenient, it also comes at a cost. This same study reported that using smartphones that now come with voice-activated and hands-free systems keeps our brains stimulated for much longer than the few seconds we are using them at a stop. Our brains are still focused on the text, app, or video even while we begin driving again. Furthermore, less reliable and glitch voice command systems may cause more problems for drivers, pulling their attention even farther away from the road.

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