Workplace Accidents

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If you suffer injury from a sudden accident or repetitive action at work, you may be eligible to have your medical expenses covered through your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. Workers’ compensation is different from a typical fault-based injury claim, however: even if you were negligent and this caused your injury, you are still entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits. With the help of a Birmingham personal injury lawyer, you can file a claim to recover additional damages for pain and suffering which is not obtainable with workers’ compensation.

Fischer & Associates, LLC exists to defend the rights of the injured to recover the compensation they need to move forward with their lives. Our firm has been able to recover more than $170 million in damages for our injured clients and we make ourselves available for assistance 24/7 because when you are injured, you need an advocate who puts your needs first.

Common Injuries on Work Sites

Workplace accidents can range from a bad fall caused by negligent office maintenance to broken bones from a faulty forklift. You have a legal means of obtaining compensation for such injures that our firm can work towards.

Common causes of injuries at the workplace include:

  • Blunt trauma
  • Violence
  • Respiratory conditions
  • Falls
  • Burns
  • Skin diseases or disorders
  • Hearing loss
  • Penetrating trauma

With a workers’ compensation claim, you can only receive weekly compensation, permanent impairment benefits, medical bills, and vocational rehabilitation.

What Does Workers’ Compensation Do?

Workers’ compensation is essentially a trade off between employees and management whereby a clear path to recovering damages for medical bills exists while employers are protected from being sued for negligence and punitive damages.

Therefore, if you were hurt on the job and you feel your employer was at fault you may be able to bring a civil suit against them with the help of our Birmingham personal injury attorneys. If you are eligible, your claim can recover more than lost wages, reimbursement for medical treatment, and impairment compensation but also for pain and suffering and punitive damages for any egregiously bad behavior on your employer’s part.

Filing Workplace Injury Suits for Additional Damages

A successful civil suit will need to demonstrate that your employer intentionally harmed you or that they do not have sufficient workers’ compensation insurance. You will need to show your employer did something wrong leading to your injury as opposed to a workers’ compensation claim where all that is needed is to show your injury stemmed from your job.

Filing a claim against your employer can be complex, but our Birmingham personal injury lawyers understand what it takes to recover the damages you deserve when your employer acts negligently. Call on our firm to uphold your rights if you are injured.

Filing Workplace Injury Suits Against Responsible Third Parties

There are often circumstances where a workplace injury is caused by the negligence of a third party. Under these circumstances, a claim against the responsible third party will permit the recovery of damages beyond the often meager benefits provided by the workers compensation claim.

We are experienced in handling third party claims arising out of the negligence of others or that result from defective products encountered on the job. These recoveries can be achieved outside of the workers compensation claim. It is imperative that you understand and identify all responsible parties and all available claims before signing any release associated with an injury at the workplace.

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